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Xbox 360 BenQ Laser Lens

This is a BRAND NEW Xbox 360 Philips BenQ/LiteOn Laser Lens Plastic. If your Xbox 360 DVD drive will not read discs due to a bad laser lens, this is the replacement. Also works for Philips Lite-On..
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Xbox 360

HOP-141B Laser Lens for xbox360 (BENQ model)

Compatible with: BENQ, LITE-ON, and XBOX 360 drives with the 141B/141X laser.

Laser Lens

Xbox 360 BENQ Laser Lens

The replacement correct below problems:

1. Disc read errors
2. Slow loading times
3. Failure to read disc
4. Screen freezes when playing a game or watching a DVD movie

Xbox 360 Laser Repair

Use in any Xbox 360

This sale is for 1 XBOX 360 HOP-14XX HOP-141B HOP-141X DG-16D2S laser lens module only. Each laser is fully tested prior to shipment.

Xbox 360 Laser Lens Repair

Easy to repair by yourself

We are the only company that provides you with a compete 'How To' video to repair your Xbox 360 System, we even have a repair support forum for any issues you may have.

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Philips BenQ Laser Lens

This drive is necessary if your system has any of the following symptoms: System shows a message "Disc Read Errors" or disc appears damaged or dirty on the screen, system reads certain games or movies. system loads games or movies longer than normal, system reads games or movies and seems to be freezed or skipped.

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Watched your instructions on YouTube and purchased the Xbox 360 Philips BENQ/Lite On Laser Len. Everything went great and the box works like new again. This box was special to me; it's the Halo 3 edition and was a gift. Thanks for your help and also for keeping the price of the repair part affordable making the repair worthwhile.
Dustin F.
I have purchased and installed about 6 of these lasers and fixes the problem with the dvd drive not reading games. It always ships right away and with snail mail still only 2 days. Good price and great quality.
Tom F.
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